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Those who have been kissed by the needle...

Reilly "Riggleton" Williamson
Stay Gold "Stay Gold", never change or be corrupted, stay ture to yourself

Circle of Chaos??? Reilly isn't that Satanic?Circle Of Chaos

Aaron "Sweet-A, A-Rock, Double-A" Abravaya
Skull with crossing AR-15s Not much to say but one sick tattoo...

... And Justice For All ..."And Justice For All."

Pirates Of Ye Old Faith... "Stay Gold..." Stay Gold

Keith "Don't F*ck Around" Breining
Black Label
Black Label... and yes a middle finger

Jared "The Crzy" Totz
The Scorpion A head-hunter design of a scorpion.

Death Life
Can you read what is says...? Which way is up...?

Two Nautical Stars, with "No Hero"... whos yours...? No Hero

The Offspring Skull
Conspiracy Of One... -the offspring